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Anti-fungal Herbal Foot Soak

Anti-fungal Herbal Foot Soak

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It's true! Υou can do a mini detox foot spa at home by yourself!

Anti-fungal Herbal Foot Soak not only eliminates toenail fungus and odor-causing bacteria, but it also softens rough heels & cracked feetfor a smooth & healthy skin at the same time.

With natural herbal extracts, it treats fungal nail infections by running deep to the root of bacteria to soak away toxic nail fungus.

Anti-fungal Herbal Foot Soak


  • Anti - Fungus:Instant and Long-Term Relief to treat cracking & burning caused by toe / skin fungus.

  • Relieve Itchiness: Reduce pain, itchiness & inflammation from most jock itch and ringworm.

  • Exfoliate Skin:Remove all dry, cracked & dead skin while softening corns, calluses & rough heels.

  • Odorfree: Antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties to deodorize.
  • Condition Skin: Hydrate skin for a refreshed & relaxing foot SPA experience.
Anti-fungal Herbal Foot Soak
  • Safe To Use: Non-toxic & no harsh chemicals. All Skin Types with Hypoallergenic formula.


    • Put one tablet to a basin of 4L 45-50degree water
    • Soak your feet for around 15 mins and relax
    • Use 2-3 timesa week or when necessary
    Anti-fungal Herbal Foot Soak



    • Net Content: 48g


    1 x Anti-fungal Herbal Foot Soak(10 Pcs)