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500G Waterproof Invisible Insulating-Sealing Glue

500G Waterproof Invisible Insulating-Sealing Glue

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Are you looking for a solution to your leakage problem?

Do you want to seal cracks and leaks, but craftsmen need exorbitant payments for this process? Don't worry! Waterproof, invisible insulating-sealing glue is here for you!

Just put the brush with the glue to the desired surface and nothing more! It instantly seals and repairs any cracked or broken surface.


Effective:It is a rubberised glue that instantly seals and repairs any cracked or broken surface. At the same time, it creates a waterproof, protective layer to keep moisture away!

Transparent: It is transparent and has non-yellowing substances. It can be applied to wet and dry, painted or unpainted surfaces.

Watertight Seal:It has strong sealing performance, for instant results that last many years. It protects the surface from water and other liquids, from ultraviolet radiation (UV), etc. 

Safe: It guarantees a long-term protection. Formulated with odorless and non-toxic substances, it doesn’t cause damage or pollution.

Endless possibilities:You can use it on various surfaces such as tiles, bricks, concrete, wood, metal, PVC, etc., without causing damage to them.


  • Weight: 500g
  • Brand: GALEN


  • 1 x Waterproof Invisible Insulating-Sealing Glue