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Heat Resistant Ironing Glove

Heat Resistant Ironing Glove


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This is the best tool to protect your hands and wrists from hot steam.

Iron the garments more effectively and safely with this Heat Resistant Ironing Glove.


  • Ergonomic (Shape Designed for Clothes): The shape of this ironing glove is designed specifically to support each corner of the clothes. It has a firm backing that lets the steam push through clothing and the board for powerful wrinkle-release

  • Comfortable (Hand Grip Design):It has a soft cotton, a visual mesh that can fit small and large hand, and antiskid finger cot, making it more comfortable and easier to use

  • Waterproof & Heat Resistant: The whole glove is waterproof for the steam fumigation. It is made of heat resistant cotton that can insulate high temperature and make ironing convenient.


  • Material: polyester + sponge color
  • Size: 20*8*5cm


  • 1 x Heat Resistant Ironing Glove