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Knee Relief Patches Kit

Knee Relief Patches Kit

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Our Knee Relief Patches naturally help reduce inflammation and relieve all types of knee pain.

Made from natural ingredients- Our pain relief patches are made with the help of plant extractsthat heat themselves. This back pain patch is supported by science to achieve fast acting, long lasting and deep pain relieffrom muscle soreness, joint pain and arthritis.

These are for men and womenand can relieve various pain such as rheumatoid arthritis, bone hyperplasia, knee pain, tenosynovitis, strain and sprain, sciatica and fibromyalgia.

It is so easy to use. Simply clean the affected skin with warm water, remove the protective film and stick the adhesive pain-relieving patchto the place where you have pain. With our back pain patches, you will definitely enjoy fast acting pain relief and ultimate relaxation after a long and strenuous day of work.



  • Help relieve knee injuries due to sports fall, middle-aged knee problems, cold knee, meniscus injury, arthritis, bone hyperplasia, ligament injury, etc.
  • Specifically designed for maximum absorption into the knee so you can feel relief quickly
  • Provides direct relief to any affected area of the knee
  • Made from natural wormwood roots and other natural herbs



Place the patch on your trouble area of the skin for maximum effect. Leave for up to 12 hours. 



1 x Knee Relief Patches Kit