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Men's Shaper Cooling T-Shirt

Men's Shaper Cooling T-Shirt


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Do you want to look stronger, have a more defined physique and have more confidence!

The 4-way stretch construction adapts to every body size comfortably. Adapts and improves your body shape

Built with integrated muscle padding that makes you look stronger, proportionate, and athletic instantly.

 SecondSkin™ Men's Shaper Cooling T-Shirt


  • Made for convenience. Constructed to maintain padding in its place when worn and washed. Undetectable and invisible to the eye under all clothing.
  • Flatten’s curves, conceals muffin tops, rolls, and bulge throughout your chest and tummy while wrapping around your midsection to control your spare tire. Look slimmer instantly!
  • Hide unwanted belly rolls. Whether you’re looking for a little more help hiding some extra pounds, increased flattening and support of your chest, it’s a great choice. You’ll also look better in shirts!
  • Gives you the control you need through your chest, sides, and tummy without feeling uncomfortably constricting.


  • Size: M / L / XL / XXL / XXXL
  • Colors: Black / White



  • 1 x  Men's Shaper Cooling T-Shirt