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High Quality Pet Hair Removal Comb

High Quality Pet Hair Removal Comb

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The Pet Hair Removal Comb is a tool designed to remove dead hair while massaging the entire surface of your pet.

Excellent operating technology that does not scratch your pet's skin. Provides gentle and precise removal even for dogs/cats with sensitive skin.

Works great on all spills, long and short haired dogs, cats, etc.
This comb features sharp hardened steel serrated blades that can tackle large amounts of uncontrollable hairs and tough tangles quickly and efficiently while maintaining coat length.

The ergonomic, strong, non-slip & unbreakable handle will help you make everyday combing a breeze. So you will have more time to play with your favorite pet.

Ανακουφίζει το κατοικίδιό σας χωρίς να γρατζουνάει το δέρμα του σε αντίθεση με άλλα εργαλεία με αιχμηρά άκρα. Καθαρίστε την επιφάνεια με απόλυτη ασφάλεια, εύκολα & γρήγορα!


  • Reducing the amount of hair loss.
  • Prevent hair knotting.
  • Timely detection of trauma and skin diseases.
  • Make pets more beautiful.
  • Promote the blood circulation of pets.
  • Suitable for medium and large animals. Adult cats and dogs.


  • Material: Walnut & Stainless Steel
  • Size: 210 * 170mm
  • Weight: 36g


      1 x Pet Hair Removal Comb